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Get a Clue

We black people need to come to understand and accept a fundamental truth about the collective white American consciousness or psyche.

It doesn’t see black Americans as fully human. Respectability politics won’t change it. It is too ingrained. Over 400 years of deny our humanity in order to justify mistreating us. And we have helped.
We played along not telling our children our history as the defenseless ignorant hearts of our heart try to comply with unrealistic standards designed solely to destroy self esteem.
It’s time to get a clue.


The Ashanti Home Touch Hotel

I was invited to photograph the opening night of this mesmerising hotel. It was full of intriguing characters. One of which, Ama Virgin, is the subject of an article and photo series I recently did for Accent magazine. 

Kumasi, Ghana. 

December, 2013.

(via dynamicafrica)

Being black affected one’s life span, insurance rates, blood pressure, lovers, children, every dangerous hour of every dangerous day. There was absolutely no way not to be black without ceasing to exist. But it frequently seemed that there was no way to be black, either, without ceasing to exist.

James Baldwin. Every Good-Bye Ain’t Gone.  New York. Dec 19, 1977.  (via homonoire)

The power of the white world is threatened whenever a black man refuses to accept the white world’s definitions.

—James Baldwin (via thesunatmidnight2)


Eye-opening photos of Americans lying in a week of their own trash

The average person in the United States produces four pounds of garbage per person per day. Collectively, we produce millions of tons of trash each week, adding up to over 220 million tons each year. And that number is growing. Seeing that reality in focus through Gregg Segal’s work puts our country’s trash crisis into sharp relief. 

What you’re not seeing makes an even bigger point | Follow micdotcom 

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