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One Black Woman’s opinion on spoiled Republican CEO’s recent Tantrum

Dear Rich White Male Republican Business owners who plan to punish your workers because Obama won and you dont like health care or Black men in power or … air. Grow the Fuck UP!! But on you Big Boy SuperHero Underpants and get over it. I am a Black woman born in this country who can trace her linage back to enslaved people in 1858. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF BULLSHIT ME AND MINE HAVE HAD TO ENDURE? Racism, Segregation, lynching, Bull Conner, George Wallace, Ronald Reagan. BUSH 1 and 2. (that is just my lifetime) . So if you think I give a flying fig about your little tantrum you have another thing and a time out coming. You are a bunch of spoiled little limpid flaccid man children who cant bully or buy an election and now want everyone to care that your feelings are hurt. Stop it!! America has been good to you and you dont get to be hurtful ignorant little shits when America tries to be good to other Americans!!!

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    To all you Conservative Crybabies… Truth hurts motherfucker. Say it like it is…
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